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Jan 13, 2023

Friday January 13th, 2023.- McCumbee McAleer Racing (MMR) with AEROSPORT, announced today that they will be competing in the 2023 IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Grand Sport with drivers Chad McCumbee and Jenson Altzman in the No. 13 Ford Mustang GT4 sponsored by Vervantis, a Global Energy Services company. MMR with AEROSPORT aims to put the Vervantis Ford in the spotlight at Daytona and looks forward to a bright future in the series. MMR will also be strengthening its relationship with Ford and Multimatic, with the Mustang platform proving to be a success in the past.

Based in Supply, North Carolina, McCumbee McAleer Racing (MMR) was formed in 2014 by Chad McCumbee and Stevan McAleer. McCumbee, whose roots lie in NASCAR and Stevan McAleer, an expert sports car racer, combined to create a multi-car, highly capable, and relentlessly fast team within the Global MX-5 Cup paddock. This announcement reaffirms the success MMR has had in the last years and will begin a new chapter for the team as they now expand to IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge.


Chad McCumbee, McCumbee McAleer Racing Team Owner / Driver, No. 13 Vervantis Ford Mustang GT4: “Throughout my career I have been very fortunate to be associated with simply amazing people. Jenson, and his partners are certainly part of that group. It goes without saying that Stevan and I are ecstatic to start a GT4 program with AEROSPORT, especially since it will be Jenson’s Michelin Pilot Challenge debut. Showcasing the Vervantis Ford at Daytona is just the beginning and I look forward to the building process of this team and strengthening our relationship with Ford and Multimatic. The Mustang platform they have developed has proven success and I hope MMR with AEROSPORT can continue to contribute to that this season.”


Due to prior commitments, McCumbee will fill the seat of the No. 13 Vervantis Ford Mustang GT4 for all except two events in the 2023 IMPC schedule. The team is still looking for a driver to fill those rounds, and will make proper announcements at a later date. McCumbee, will be closely involved in the development and evaluation process throughout the season.


Stevan McAleer, McCumbee McAleer Racing Team Owner: “Chad and myself have been talking about this for years and we are extremely excited to showcase the Vervantis Ford Mustang. To see one of our MX-5 Cup drivers, Jenson Altzman, come through our program and continue on to GT4 and making his debut at Daytona under my Team is what it’s all about. I couldn’t be more thrilled especially when he is joining my partner Chad during the race. Funnily enough, I will compete against them with another team as my season is set in GT4, but Chad and I are best friends and he was my best man at my wedding in November so I have to be extremely careful around him on track, LOL. The Altzman clan is family, so I look to help Jenson every way possible in this new platform for him. Good times ahead!” 


AEROSPORT, is led by Allison Altzman, who has made a successful career in the racing industry. AEROSPORT’s mission is to be a mentor and resource for other women to find employment in motorsports, either as engineer, driver, public relations, marketing, mechanic, etcetera.


Allison Altzman, AEROSPORT CEO: “I grew up at the race track as both of my parents competed locally with SCCA and my uncle, Elliot Forbes Robinson, went Pro. After college, I realized the corporate financial world wasn’t a good fit and shifted straight into a career in Motorsports. My mom was my first strong female role model, racing against the men in the 60’s & 70’s. She never made a big deal over gender, just always made me believe I could do anything. During my 30+ year career in this industry, I’ve had amazing experiences and the opportunity to work alongside smart, strong, inspiring people. Owning a car and partnering with MMR on this race program is a natural progression. I look forward to mentoring other women who come into the sport and kicking off this exciting endeavor in Daytona.”


Jenson Altzman, from Phoenix Arizona, started in go karts in 2015 and had Multiple national wins and Championships. He was a 2020 Mazda Factory Club Racing Scholarship nominee. Jumped from karts to cars in 2021, when he joined MMR. He finished 10th in the 2021 MX-5 Cup Championship, and 9th in 2022.


Jenson Altzman, Driver, No. 13 Vervantis Ford Mustang GT4: “I’m very excited to be back with McCumbee McAleer Racing and continue my career in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge this season! 2023 will be my junior year racing cars, and to be a part of this new program with MMR stepping into IMPC, is a real honor. Chad and Stevan have built an amazing MX-5 Cup program; the knowledge and insight they both have shared with me over the past two seasons feels like a lifetime of experience. IMPC was the clear next step, and has been a big goal for both myself and the team. It really is a fantastic opportunity to be paired with Chad McCumbee for the foreseeable future – trying to stay neutral, but it looks like I might have a favorite Team Owner this season and it's likely not the one I’m competing against! Ready to get to work in just over a week's time at Daytona.


I’m also very proud to continue my relationship with Vervantis as our title Sponsor, and to announce our ‘Greener Racing’ initiative. For the 2023 IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge, all consumable carbon emissions from the No. 13 MMR Ford Mustang GT4 sponsored by Vervantis will be offset! This has been a long time in the making and I’m excited to be debuting this on a bigger platform with Vervantis this season!”


The addition of Vervantis as title sponsor was instrumental in the development of the team’s ‘Greener Racing’ initiative. Vervantis is a global energy services company, specialized in commercial energy and sustainability. Vervantis will be purchasing Carbon Offsets from all consumables (fuel, tires, oil, and transportation emissions) the team plans to use throughout the 2023 Pilot Challenge Season with the goal of being as carbon neutral as possible. The idea is to become a benchmark for other racing teams in the series, as well as other series racing in the USA.


Dan Moat, Vervantis President: “Vervantis is very proud for 2023, to be sponsoring MMR with AEROSPORT and Jenson Altzman in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge. This is the third year of our association with MMR and Jenson, where they’ve demonstrated an outstanding commitment and passion to racing, something which aligns closely with our company culture. This year we are delighted to expand our partnership beyond the core sponsorship by offsetting the carbon emissions associated with all the racing consumables for the #13 Ford Mustang GT4 (tires, fuel, oils, transport and team apparel) through the use of Verified Carbon Offsets. As an energy, sustainability and utility bill management company, we felt it was important to bring our expertise in carbon reduction to the team to make the racing experience a little greener which aligns with our mission to be a leader in sustainable solutions.”


The IMSA Pilot Challenge Schedule for the 2023 Season presents a packed calendar with ten rounds, starting with the Roar Before the 24 from January 20-22nd at Daytona international Speedway, ending with the Fox Factory 120, October 11-13th at Road Atlanta. Peacock will present live coverage of all IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Events. For more information on the 2023 IMSA Pilot Challenge schedule, click here.

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